Building Two Driveways

Thanks, I love it! If anyone ever asks for a reference feel free to give them my number and email.


Dear Chris - Thanks for the great job. Since you did the second coat we have had an increase in traffic in our driveway. Apparently it is so smooth people think it is a continuation of the main access road. Maybe we should have left the ruts (just kidding) Thanks again, you provide excellent customer service.

Driveway Repair

You did an excellent job and we feel we couldn't have been treated more fairly. We also appreciate your promptness in contacting us and constantly communicating with us about the work. When we have similar needs in the future we will call you. You are welcome to use us for a reference. You are the best.
Gert and John.

Driveway Repair

Dear Chris - Thanks so much for your prompt return of my call and being so prompt in doing the work. That is rare and refreshing in this day and age. We are very happy with work and so are my tennants.
Thanks, Pam

Driveway Repair

LOOKS GREAT! Thanks for a good job.
Paul and Jill

Driveway Repair

Thank you the road and my driveway looks wonderful.

Driveway Repaired

Thank you so much for a job well done. It was wonderful of you to be able to switch jobs so ours could get done. The open house went well and we got an offer the exact same day. The realtor wants you to do their place as a birthday present to her husband. Thank you again, we will highly recommend you.


Phil Getchell I have to put my two cents in too as my drive was a mess, ruts and holes. He came in graded it and put down some AMAZING MATERIAL that packs well. It's still in great shape even after the wintah. Only thing I "might" have to do is use an iron rake to scuff it up a little. SUPPAH Chris. Thanks!

Gravel Driveway

Chris - I'll just say this to you...I have an MBA in Management, taught it to graduate students some time ago, and in my humble opinion, there are a lot of business owners and CEO's out there that could learn a few lessons from you. Can't say I've ever had a more pleasant, satisfying and comfortable business transaction...and I've had a few.

Gravel Driveway

Chris - Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy I am with the new driveway. The rain we've had the last couple of nights has really started packing it down. My dad came down last Sunday to visit with the dogs and I showed him the video of you working, he was very happy. I got him a couple of books for Father's Day, but he's already dropping hints he'd like a tractor like you have. It's not going to happen. His next birthday he'll be 80 and he still has trouble answering his mobile phone. So a tractor? No!

Thanks again Chris, it was well worth the wait! M.M.


Michelle A. Libby ---
He does AWESOME work!! I lived near a bog in Old Town and my driveway was a mess - so bad my drivers side wheel sank! I fixed the drainage and then, the final repair the driveway. THE GRAVEL DOCTOR was the frosting on the cake! Never had to repair it again....quality, quality work!

Maintenance 1 Mile Road

Chris - As I stated in the email, the pictures look great and you accomplished exactly what I had planned for the road. I appreciate you taking the time to do this for me. I am interested in periodic maintenance and will contact you when the time arises for such repair.
Jonathan Lieutenant Colonel US Army Inspector General

Rebuilding Driveway

Thank you so much! We are amazed!
Ray and Sue

Rebuilding with 3/4 crushed ledge

Thanks, it is a beautiful driveway now. You do great work.


Rebuilt Driveway

Thank you, you did a great job and we enjoyed dealing with you. I have already told friends about your services. Thanks again, Jennifer


Hi Christopher,

You can definately put in a testimonial from us. We love it! It has packed down so nice with all the rain. It is so nice to not have to go through mud puddles. Not to have to put our Jeeps in 4 wheel drive to make it to the house. Love it. You will more than likely be getting a call from my Brother in law for his driveway and my father in laws drive way. They love it too.